About Us

Professional - Dependable - Quality

Our Vision

To be recognized as an industry leader in engineering services.

Our Mission

To provide exceptional engineering services to the OEMs through an innovative and capable team of highly qualified experts.

Our Values

We are professional, dependable and positive

  • Professional – We are qualified, informed and proficient at what we do.
  • Dependable  – We safeguard our name through our integrity, hard work, ethical conduct and loyalty.
  • Quality   – We take pride in our work and produce positive results through close cooperation with our clients.

Our Strategies

INTELLIAM embodies the following three philosophies

Proficiency – our broad knowledge and aptitudes contribute to our flexibility and resourcefulness in a variety of challenging projects. We equip ourselves with a detailed customer and project needs knowledge.

Although our client base is diversified, our team has a specific knowledge, skill and competence that help to turn your desired concept into reality. We are a client-focused company with a decade of experience in our field.  Our track record of expertise helps our clients convert their concepts and ideas into real products.

Process & Communication – We keep our clients “in the loop” through all phases of the process.

We demonstrate competence by designing your desired product in a timely manner, at an affordable cost and with guaranteed quality of workmanship. In the world filled with commodity outsourcing suppliers, INTELLIAM differentiates itself by focusing on assigning customers to an experienced US based “bridge engineer”, who works directly with the client throughout the process in order to define the product / project requirements, to provide project updates and written specifications. This “bridge engineer” is the liaison manager between clients and all engineering efforts occurring internally.

Core Competency – We continually attract best engineers

How does the client benefit from our services? INTELLIAM’s innovative and resourceful development team of engineers endeavors to turn complex problems into simple solutions quickly and cost effectively by using the latest technology. We are continually attracting engineers, technologists and qualified staff from the high tech industry to maintain leading-edge expertise in electrical, mechanical and process improvement fields in support of our clients.  We meet the increasing technical demands of industry by incorporating the latest in sophisticated software and hardware into the engineering design process. We maintain a close relationship with the industry’s leading process design experts and draw on their fields of specialization to supplement in-house engineering.